Water Business

Water Business


If so, setting up a mineral water station for delivery and refill is perfect for all seasons. Though owning one need a lot of time and money, it is still not impossible for you to begin it in your area.


OGO provides Single-Point of Contact, Total Spectrum Program Planning & Systems Integration for Turn-Key Bottled Water Plants.
No single supplier actually manufactures all of the Equipment Components — and only a few Equipment Component Manufacturers offer Sole Source Planning and Procurement Services in the Design Engineering, Equipment Manufacture, Installation and Operator/Maintenance Training for Turn-Key Bottled Water Plants.
As a Full Service Company, Conquest bridges the gap by providing all the necessary elements needed for Total Project Planning, Coordination and Management of all involved parties and functional areas.
In this regard, Conquest provides Marketing & Sales Services to 5 major manufacturers of Water Treatment & Purification Systems and equipment for Bottled Water Plants.
It wasn’t until the late 1970’s that the bottled water industry began to make its unprecedented climb toward what has become the world’s fastest growing bottled beverage of choice. Before that time most bottled water in the U.S. was mainly imported to satisfy customer demand for health or fashion considerations.
The two most important factors that prompted this increased demand were — first, public awareness of real problems with the quality of public drinking water supplies, fueled in part by the U.S. Safe Drinking Water Act – and, second, bottled water becoming a preferred alternative to sugar-laden soft drinks as a thirst quencher.
Because of these factors, the bottled water industry has seen double-digit growth for nearly two decades, and most experts expect this growth to continuously expand.
The demand for clean, fresh water is everywhere. Whenever you live — in the U.S. or abroad — an unfilled market niche exists for Safe Pure Bottled Water.
The Water Business is one of the most lucrative and profitable enterprises worldwide due to the fact that every human being on earth must have Safe Pure Water on a daily basis to stay alive.
There is in fact a severe shortage of available Potable Water Sources for Drinking & Cooking — with 99.5% of the earth’s water locked-up in Ice Bergs or Ocean Salt Water.

With the remaining 0.05% of available water becoming increasingly polluted with Disease Causing Microorganisms, Chemicals and Other Contaminants, more and more people are turning to Bottled Water to avoid the putrid water that is encountered with most Municipal Water Sources. Alarmingly, many cities in the U.S. are recycling Sewer Water to produce Drinking Water!

An incredible potential exists in the Bottled Water Business for those getting on board at the Present Ground Floor Level of Opportunity as the demand for Bottled Water goes through its present state of Lift-Off Velocity to a Supersonic Hyper-Growth State of Acceleration throughout the world as concern grows over the ever-decreasing sources and increasing contamination of the world supply of Potable Water for Drinking and Cooking
Conquest has combined several different water treatment technologies to provide our customers with reliable, consistent and great tasting bottled water. These various technologies are well recognized in the water treatment industry and are accepted by government agencies throughout the world.
Bottled water, it may be noted, should not be taken as an appropriate replacement to a sufficient service of tap-water as due to the lack of it, hapless buyers are forced to use bottled water. During the past thirty years, use of bottled water is increasingly moved up the world over, as it has become a global phenomenon. Bottled water sector, despite its excessively high price compared to tap water, is measured as one of the powerful sectors of all the food and beverage trade as its consumption increases by an average of 12% every year. Government has termed the bottled water market, with 33 million liters of consumption per anum in 1999, as small but positively on the rise. It is envisaged that a bottle of 1.5 liters has a production cost of Rs. 12.51 only. In United States, bottled water costs between 0.25 dollar to 2 dollar per bottle, while tap water costs less than US$0.01. This shows high rate of return in this field.
In our country, there are approximately twenty to thirty companies engaged in this business. Official figures show an estimated number of 26 corporations, while in summer time, this number increases up to 70. But from the perspective of quality control, Pakistan Council of Renewal Water Resources is witnessing a fluctuation in the market of 50 percent.